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1. Questions related to invoicing and accounting.

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2. When I import the machine for investment purpose, I can enjoy the import tax exemption. If I use leasing service, can I enjoy this exemption?

You can enjoy the import tax exemption when you use leasing service to import the machine for investment purpose. Other taxes and fees are according to Tax Department and Custom Department’s policy..

3. What is the currency of monthly rental?

About the currency of monthly rental, you are financed by which currency so that you will pay the rental by that currency. The monthly rental currency will base on the leased agreement.
Leased asset is purchased in Vietnam, payment currency is Vietnam dongs. We finance you the Vietnam dongs currency so that the monthly rental you pay us in Vietnam dongs.
Leased asset is purchased in foreign country, payment currency is US dollars. If we finance you the US dollars currency so that the monthly rental you pay us in US dollars. If we finance you the Vietnam dongs currency (use the exchange rate to exchange US dollars into Vietnam dongs) so that the monthly rental you pay us in Vietnam dongs

4. Who can I contact when I have any question?

If you have any question, please contact us through company phone (028)7301 6010
Leasing service information: Marketing department (Link to page Contact)
Leased asset registration information: Customer Service department – Ms.Ngoc (Ext: 8606)
Accountant and Finance information: Accountant department – Ms.Lieu (Ext: 8402)
Human resource information: Human resource department – Ms.Quyen (Ext: 8201)

5. Can the VAT be deducted?

VAT can be deducted according to Vietnam Tax Policy.

6. Does customer use financial leasing service to finance for the asset they purchased before application?

Customer can use financial leasing service to finance for the asset which was purchased before application. This form is called “Sale and lease back”. Some conditions of this service are as follows:
-          The lease asset is movable asset
-          The lease tenor is not longer than the remaining depreciation period.
-          The lease asset and company’s financial situation meet leasing company’s requirement.


7. How can the leased asset be warranty and maintained?

Lessee uses the Leased Asset as the asset introduction, warranty and maintain service from Supplier (if any). Please directly contact the Supplier if Leased Asset has any problem. In case Leased Asset get broken or any damage, beside contact supplier, please inform us if you want any support.

8. When will leased asset be transferred the ownership or title to Lessee?

The ownnership will be transferred to Lessee when Lessee can finish their responsibility due to Leased Agreement at the expiry date of lease term.

9. Who own the ownership of leased asset?

Leasing company owns the ownership of leased asset during the lease tenor

10. Who chose the leased asset?

Lessee chooses the leased asset due to Lessee’s demand.

11. Which asset can be leased asset?

The lease asset is  movable asset and is purchased from local supplier or foreign supplier. It includes: vehicle, machinery, production line, construction equipment and office automation machine.

12. How we adjust the floating Lease Interest?

Floating rate will be adjusted whenever we adjust the basic rate. The different amount will be deducted or collected in the terms as the leasing company policy.
Below is an example that we apply
Today 1st May 2010, we increase the basic rate. Company A pays rental every 15th of month. Company A will pay rental in May and June as of normal as inform. At July, we will calculate the amount that Company A need to pay more due to the increasing interest in May.

13. The lease interest rate is fixed rate or floating rate?

The lease interest rate will be applied fixed rate or floating rate according to two parties’ negotiation and Leasing company’s policy.

14. How is the lease interest caculated?

Lease interest rate caculation is based on the financing amount during the lease terms that shall be negotiated by Lessee and Lessor. The monthly lease interest caculation is based on the outstanding balance.

15. If you want to pre-terminate the Leased Agreement, do you have any fees to be charged?

If you want to pre-terminate the Leased Agreement, you should pay: principal, VAT, overdue interest (if any), residual value and penalty of pre-termination. Penalty of pre-termination is mentioned in Leased Agreement.

16. What is Residual Value?

Residual Value is an amount of money that Lessee pays to Lessor at the expiry date or at the time as of two parties’ negotiation. This amount is for Lessor issue the invoice to transfer the ownership to Lessor.

17. What is Down Payment?

Down payment is an amount of money that Lessee pays one part of the Leased Asset price. The remaining amount shall be paid by Lessor.
Option 1: Lessee pays this amount directly to seller and has the remittance order or receipt
Option 2: Lessee pays this amount to Lessor, than Lessor transfer 100% of leased asset price to seller.

18. What is Deposit?

Security Deposit (or Deposit) is an amount of money that Lessee remits to Lessor to ensure they will follow up the Leased Agreement. Lessee will receive back this amount at the expiration of the lease term or as of the beginning negotiation of two parties.

19. How does customer pay the monthly rental?

The monthly rental shall be paid by banking remittance. We will inform you the monthly rental you need to pay by fax or email.

20. Which fees does customer need to pay?

There are the fees related to leasing:
  • Down Payment
  • Security Deposit
  • Management Fee
  • Residual Value
  • Insurance Fee

21. I am an individual business, can I use leasing service?

Individual business also can apply for leasing credit-line if you have demand to purchase the movable asset and can meet the leasing credit criteria.

22. I am a new establishment company, can I use leasing service?

New establishment company also can apply for leasing credit-line if you can meet the leasing credit criteria of leasing company. The percentage of new establishment company’s application be approval is not as high as the long time establishment and long time operation company. When we consider to support a leasing credit-line, we do not only base on establishment time but also base on operating time.

23. What is Personal Guarantor?

Personal Guarantor is a type of guarantee for leasing agreement. Person who signs Personal Guarantor Agreement has responsibility to pay the rental and any related overdue of Leased Agreement if Lessee can’t pay anymore

24. What are conditions of financial leasing?

In order to apply a leasing credit-line, normally we require some conditions as of follow:
  • Operating over 2 years
  • Financial report with profit
  • Kind of company: Manufacture, Construction, Transportation,…
  • Head office, factory or branch located in Hochiminh City, Long An, Tay Ninh, Binh Duong, Dong Nai and other locations near by Hochiminh City.

25. Who is our customer?

Our customers are any companies that was established under Vietnam business Law, related to manufacture, construction, transportation,… with the operating time over 2 years.

26. What is the credit criteria for applying a lease credit-line?

We base on many factors to have the conclusion to support leasing credit-line to you. Below are our main factors:
  • Your credit history.
  • Type of leased asset.
  • Bank and trade reference.

27. How long is the lease application procedure?

Lease application procedure usually takes 3 days to 10days after the day we received the required documents from Lessee. Time to get approval depends on the application documents, Lessee’s credit history, financing amount and cooperation from Lessee.

28. What is the Financial Leasing procedure?

1. Selection of equipments
2. Apply for a lease credit line.
3. Signing lease contract
4. Signing sales contract
5. Delivery of equipments
6. Payment for the purchased equipments
7. Rental payment

29. What is a lease tenor?

Lease tenor is a period that customer pays the rental. When this period expires, the ownership of leased asset will be transferred to customer. Lease tenor of financial leasing is usually from 2 years to 5 years. The lease tenor will be applied according to customer’s demand and Leasing company’s policy.

30. What is the benefit when customer use our service?

When customer use our service, the benefit are as follow:
  • Tailor-made financial solutions to fit customer demand.
  • Flexible lease payment schedule and terms.
  • Timely service to meet the timing of customer funding demand.
  • International financial services network in Greater China, Asia Pacific and USA.
  • Cross-boarder financial services can be arranged through our affiliated companies.

31. What is the benefit of Financial Leasing?

Below are some of the benefit of financial leasing:

  The lease payment is a tax-deductible expense.

  Bank Credit line can be preserved to allow better funding flexibility.

  Long-term financing and fixed lease rent make cost control easier.

  Letter of credit opened for leased assets can be arranged.

  Fast and simple application procedure to meet the timing of customer demand.

  Inflation is hedged and budgeting is less restricted.

32. What is a leasing company

Leasing company is a credit institution, operating under the Regulation of State Bank of Vietnam and Financial Policy of Vietnam Government. Leasing company provides financial leasing service, operating leasing service, Sale and leased back, and other services that be approved by State Bank of Vietnam.

33. What is the financial leasing?

Financial leasing is a type of middle and long term credit facility which is for purchasing movable asset (leased asset). Leasing company (Lessor) holds the ownership of the leased asset. Customer (Lessee) pays the monthly rental including principal and interest during the lease tenor. When the lease period expires, the ownership of Leased asset will be transferred to Lessee.