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Chailease – Plant the compliant and innovational dream and passion

In recently, the word “start – up” has been more popular, in the first months of 2019, there are 3000 start – ups found with more than 400 million dollar - invested – value (according to calculate of Economy and Urban Magazine – The impression of Vietnamese Start – up in 2018).

In India, most of star – ups are over 40 – year – old – people, but in Vietnam, start – up is an economic revolution of the youth and students that have just graduated from the university with full enthusiasm passion and creation. In the fact that, more than 90% start – up have fallen when the plan has just started or it has been only an idea. So, what reasons do make them to be failure? Chailease Community will give some answers for this question and the solution of the problem. Chailease Community always will to plant and nurtures the compliant and innovational dream and passion. Chailease Community and start – up always go together to built the plan from the begin day to the mature day. However, Chailease Community has used the word “Career” in stead of “Start – up” cause of the full mean of the word. Chailease Community carry out the best and most suitable plan of building career for ourselves, customer and partner.

Human resource is the most wonderful thing that Chailease Community’s direction and we will try to a standard and innovation system both in mind and in action. If having no knowledge, no experience, don’t worry, join in our team right now, we will improve our knowledge in economy, law, experience and others together. In the first days joining Chailease Community, a new staff has a mentor, who teaches all thing at Chailease, including how to enter to the system or how to write an email to customer,…Beside, all director, manager and leader always give their hand to support Chailease Community’s staff. Specially, all result will be rewarded by your earning: a high salary, a wonderful reward, some excited abroad trips,…And you know that, if your decision is to carry out the best solution for other business at Chailease, we will give all support you to complete this with your full strengthen. Each small creation can make a small sky be more lighting, Chailease Community will collect them to brighten up Vietnamese sky.

With customer, specially start – up, Chailease Community understand that all support is a key for you to be successful. You need a huge money to invest machines, expand your factory or buy a new truck, Chailease Leasing gives to you the most advantage plan. Special, Chailease Leasing can sponsor a loan, that maximum value is 85% of machines value with a competed fee. Customer can enjoy more convenient services when cooperating to Chailease with Chailease Trade. Chailease Community in Viet Nam can help business to pay the fee of inventory, that helps company to reduce the difficult thing in processing.

The third important thing, Chailease Community knows that, risks always exist at our life, business has to build more plan to face them. Insurance is the most efficiency way that most of people around the world use to save their life and protect all asset and factory. Chailease Community not only consultants about the policy but also gives some advice about the compliant system with the fire protection system, some their risks when working and way to be safer. Chailease Community has just cooperated to a lot of insurance company in Viet Nam to bring to customer a completed service with a higher advantage and lower fee. Chailease Community always wills to support customer to face your difficult thing.

With your faith, Chailease Community brings all our powder to give customer the most efficiencies service and goes with you to be successful.

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