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For the fourth time, Chailease Holding won the ATD Award 2022

   Chailease, who is committed to talent cultivation and development, won the Excellence in Practice Award (EIP) from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) for the fourth time with the High Potential Development Program.

   The High Potential Development Program allows colleagues to apply for membership independently based on the selection criteria announced officially by the company. The plan is divided into domestic and overseas groups, and employees themselves seize opportunities to create a career stage. In recent years, several High Potential Development Program members have completed overseas assignments, or have been promoted to management positions in Taiwan.

   The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. Hence, its awards are the highest honors for talent development programs of organizations. ATD annually receives over a hundred submissions from organizations around the world. Chailease Holding's 2013 Industry Examination and Training Program, 2015 Department-Organized Training Program, and 2019 Asia-Pacific Management Associate Program have all excellently received ATD awards.

   Specifically, the Industry Review Double Repair Program trains employees to concurrently possess two core competencies of Chailease. Those are the ability to actively promote business and the ability to review risk control. The Department Self-Organized Training Program encourages each department not only to plan and flexibly equip the employees' specific professional knowledge such as industry and fine industry but also to cooperate with the general training activities held by the headquarters to generate complementary effects. The Asia-Pacific Management Associate Program selects and trains high-quality human resources prepared for the extension plan of the company.

   Chailease Holding attaches great importance to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) to create social values. This year, Chailease Holding has cooperated with the Institute of Human Resource Management of Central University to provide four programs recognized by ATD awards such as the Industry Audit Dual Training Program, the Department Self-Organized Training Program, the Asia-Pacific MA Program, and the High Potential Development Program. With those winning talent development programs, Chailease Holding strives to help to cultivate more professionals in human resource management for Taiwan.

   Chailease Holding emphasizes that Talent Development is a crucial factor for the sustainable operation of the company. Hence, Chailease Holding continuously invests resources to cultivate its people, and actively selects supervisors to study abroad to improve their management capabilities. Particularly, the new general manager of Cambodia sent to the ASEAN market is the first supervisor to complete the Master of Science in Business Analytics at New York University Stern School of Business, which is a partner of Chailease.

   This year, the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, a well-known institution in Asia and another partner of Chailease, will also select key ASEAN talents for on-the-job training, which proves the commitment of Chailease to the ASEAN market and talent for long-term cultivation.

   Chailease Holding believes Talent Development is the DNA of Chailease since its establishment 45 years ago. Moreover, it is also the core key to the competitiveness and internationalization of Chailease.


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