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MSCI's latest ESG rating: Chailease Holding upgrades to Grade A

MSCI recently released an ESG rating for 2021 and Chailease Holding has upgraded comprehensive financial services (Diversified Finance) from BBB to A grade. The main reason is, in the process of projec ESG last year, Chailease Holding published more complete and comprehensive information from three main aspects, which are environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. Chailease Holding has performed well projects on corporate governance and human resource development, in which, implementing policies on business ethics and accompanying leading enterprises in the industry.


In addition, the relatively large number of independent managers and different functional departments help strengthen management and supervision. To enhance employee engagement and develop talent, Chailease Holding conducts annual employee satisfaction surveys, and recommends job-specific training programs for staff, to support internal mobility as well as career development.

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