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Credit Intern

Mô tả công việc Yêu cầu Chế độ đãi ngộ
  • Learn to screen application documents from applicant.
  • Pay a site visit to applicant to conduct credit checking.
  • Learn to key in applicant information in system and analyze applicant’s credit situation.
  • Write credit report and present to credit authority.
  • Update database information in system.
  • Last-year student, major in Banking, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Business Administration, Foreign Trade and other related majors. 
  • Basic skills in Microsoft Office (Power Point, Word, Excel).
  • Fluent in speaking and writing English.
  • Analytical mind, team spirit & able to work under pressure.
  • Attractive internship allowance (5.000.000/month).
  • Opportunity of developing financial knowledge and experience.
  • Opportunity of building up wide relationship with business enterprises.
  • Official employee of Chailease is considered to offer to good performance internship after internship period.
Credit Intern

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Vị trí Credit Intern
Nơi làm việc Làm việc tại TP. HCM
Liên hệ Email: recruitment@chailease.com.vn

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